Pete Souza Photography

President Reagan alone in the Oval Office. At his desk, the same one used by JFK. During a Cabinet meeting. Watching the replay of the Challenger shuttle explosion. At the memorial service for the Challenger astronauts. Swearing in for the second term. Mrs. Reagan, with Elizabeth Taylor in tow, tugs on the President's coat. Christmas Eve with "Santa" Reagan and his wife. At a hotel room in Chicago. Greeting British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Waving from his limo in Dixon, Illinois. The 1984 campaign. Michael Jackson, the bystander. "The heck with the President, let's make faces at the camera." Last-minute conference before telling Congressional leaders and then the nation about Iran-contra. The Tower Commission report is unveiled privately to the President. John Travolta dances with Princess Diana. Comforting victims' families after the USS Stark incident in the Persian Gulf. Aboard Air Force One. Chief of Staff Don Regan briefs the President; he was recuperating from colon cancer surgery. The President kisses Mrs. Reagan, who was recuperating from breast cancer surgery. At his ranch in California. At the ranch. Riding El Alamein. Tossing a paper airplane from a Los Angeles hotel balcony. Ready to meet Mikhail Gorbachev for the first time in Geneva. Break-up of the Reyjavek summit. Last-minute change in his speech following the summit. Reagan and Gorbachev back together in the Oval Office. The meeting. Last time in the Oval Office on Jan. 20, 1989. Leaving Washington for the last time.