Pete Souza Photography

Afghan refugees head north after fleeing Taliban-controlled villages.  The pictures in this gallery were taken just weeks after 9/11. Afghan women and girls waiting for food disbursement from a humanitarian group in northern Afghanistan. A young Afghan girl gives her thumbprint "signature" in receiving her family's allotment of wheat. The morning after an overnight dust storm. A young Afghan girl tries to keep warm at a refugee camp. Camels cross a river in northern Afghanistan. A young girl loads water for cooking.  Animals use the same water. Women head home after gathering water. An elderly Afghan at a refugee camp. A school for refugees in northern Afghanistan. The girls are eager to learn; most had never received any education before this school opened. Recess at the school. A member of the Northern Alliance prays by his weapon. This was our broken-down jeep as we attempted to make the arduous trip from northern Afghanistan to the Panshir Valley, where we could be in a position to move into Kabul with the Northern Alliance. Our driver reacts to the nearly unpassable road ahead. Passing through a small village, we encountered Afghans trying to keep warm. Near the Hindu Kush mountains, this Afghan was whacking fish--trying to kill them for food. My colleague, Paul Salopek, in the foreground and me, the shadow, cross the Anjuman Pass in the Hindu Kush mountains en route to the Panjsher Valley. Northern Alliance soldiers head to the front lines near Rabat, about 45 miles from Kabul. Ammunition. An American B-52 flies overhead. A B-52 bomb drop. An injured Northern Alliance soldier who had stepped on a landmine. An injured Northern Alliance soldier. A Northern Alliance warlord stands triumphantly on a Taliban bunker, after the Taliban fled the front lines. Dead Taliban fighters along the road to Kabul. Soldiers hold a picture of their martyr, Ahmed Shah Massoud, who was killed on Sept. 10, 2001. Northern Alliance soldiers drive into Kabul. Old friends re-unite outside of Kabul. Listening to music for the first time publicly in years (the Taliban forbid music to be played), Afghan men and boys are caught up in the moment. A crater from an errant U.S. bomb in Kabul. A boy picks at residue from an errant rocket that never detonated. Kids look at anti-personnel mines at what was thought to be an al Qaeda safehouse. A minister returns to his place of employment. A Pakistani prisoner pleads for his release. The scene in Kabul; most of the destruction was done during the Russian occupation. A young Pashtun girl is overcome with emotion as her family is forced to leave Kabul. At the Kabul zoo, a lion blinded by the Taliban; he died a few weeks later. A bear abused by the Taliban. Shakila in her room at the Kabul children's hospital.  She suffered from a variety of ailments that couldn't be treated. Afghans leave a soccer match at the stadium where the Taliban performed executions.